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Managing operational risk in the current era of enforcement, shareholder suits, and explosive class action activity poses presents game-changing opportunities if you choose to embrace it.

With ADTech you can quickly adapt to changes in business, technology, and regulations - and ultimately strengthen your business with our solutions for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). Our solutions enable you to simplify your approach to GRC and make better business decisions by visualizing and predicting how risk may impact performance. By integrating key GRC activities into your existing business processes, you can reduce complexity and gain better insight - while protecting your company's reputation and financial wellbeing.

We offer advisory, solution & implementation services that enable you to meet your governance, risk management, and compliance goals. Our services are inclusive of domain and technology expertise and are applicable to a wide variety of industry verticals, including Banking and Financial Services, Health care and Life sciences, Retail, Manufacturing, amongst others.

Our experience and our deep domain knowledge have led us to devise novel solutions that help companies meet regulatory compliance requirements, automate GRC processes, and minimize risk. These include PCI Compliance, International Trade Compliance, SOD, System audits etc

Our Subject Matter Expertise include:

Governance: Embed sound governance structure which ensure transparency and free flow of information across different departments and different levels.
Risk: Integrate risk management with strategic planning to have a holistic view of organizational risks and effectively allocate resources to address them.
Ethics and Compliance: Build and set practices to avert misconduct, identify problems and offer quick counter-checks and corrections.
Finance: Reduce cost and optimize how the capital allocation to GRC is done so that it is better aligned to the business.
Audit: Ensure regular checks for sound GRC practice in all areas of business to ensure accountability.

CaoSys GRC Suite

At ADTech we offer the CaoSys GRC suite that comes equipped with many capabilities and tools to help you successfully create and execute a governance management plan. The CaoSys suite easily embeds itself into your organization's DNA and offers some fantastic features for optimizing business operations and reporting exceptions.

The CaoSys Suite offers the following modules that take care of your complete GRC requirements.

CS* Accelerate

CS*Accelerate is an embedded solution that helps you fill any pre or post implementation gaps in your Oracle E-Business Suite. If you need to alter or streamline processes as per the regulations that you need to comply then CS*Accelerate comes to your rescue. A user friendly and easy to use tool it effortlessly allows you to enhance and personalize your enterprise applications and streamline operations.

CS* Secure

CS*Secure for Oracle E-Business Suite is an effective data segregation and security tool that helps your business protect your enterprise data. You can easily automate and enforce data segregation and security policies to safeguard critical and sensitive data.

The CS* Secure module allows you to create complex policies that react dynamically and instantly according to context. You can then apply your policies to the entire application in seconds or even single out a specific set of forms. The advantage with CS* Secure is that it does not impact your application code in anyway. Moreover the security policies are created transparently at the database level which ensures that your entire application is intact without any requirement of maintenance. With CS* Secure you can easily achieve Row Level Segregation and Column Level Hiding to exclude and protect sensitive information.

The CS* Secure solution is simple to use and easy to implement with its Oracle E-Business like look and feel.

CS* Audit

CS *Audit offers tools for auditing and monitoring of your corporate data. This tool allows you to easily audit your critical and sensitive data by defining your auditing rules. You can effortlessly ensure high-level of accountability and integrity within a few minutes and without any coding or technical skills.

The tool allows you to fine grain your auditing, by giving you multiple auditing options like single column or multiple column auditing. You can benefit from the detailed and extensible auditing options that allow a host of other attributes to be audited. Example:- Host Name and Network Name of the user.


CS*Comply is the answer for a simple and robust compliance solution. The solution offers best-in-class capabilities for implementing your Segregation of Duties and internal control policies. CS*Comply ensures that the risks associated with inappropriate access are kept at bay.

A simple to use tool, CS*Comply enables you to work with violations by User, Responsibility, Function and Rule. Full details of each violation are made available including all menu names and the full menu path.

The strength of the solution is in its ability to play an enforcer of your SoD internal controls. When run in Preventive mode, all violations are prevented from occurring in real-time. This ensures that your system is fully protected even before you begin your remediation. When a user attempts to access a conflicting function, CS*Comply denies access and gives the user an opportunity to request access at that time. The solution is equipped to handle Remediation; it in fact simplifies tasks involved in remediating SoD conflicts and general access control administration.

Another striking feature is that the solution comes with a Detective Mode that helps you handle any violation early. The best part of the solutions is it low cost and superior functionality.


CS*Impact is an easy to use solution that helps you mitigate risks by quickly and effectively analyzing the differences between instances of Oracle E-Business Suite. Using this solution you can clearly identify and gauge the impact of any change in configuration or key-setup made either manually or via an upgrade or patch.


CS*Provisum is a powerful yet easy to use solution that allows two vital functionalities including- Automated Assignment Provisioning (AAP) and Periodic Access Review (PAR).

Automated Assignment Provisioning

This feature allows end-users, supervisors and super-users to submit access requests for themselves or their subordinates. Access Requests can be routed to Control Owners for pre-approval validation and then onto supervisors and multiple Process Owners for final approval. CS*Provisum improves accountability and efficiency of your user provisioning processes.

Periodic Access Review

CS*Provisum helps automate and streamline your periodic access reviews for Oracle E-Business Suite. It takes care of the entire review cycle and ensures that reviewers are kept informed about any open reviews that need to be completed. A full audit trail of the review is maintained and any de-provisioning that is required as a result of a review is fully automated.

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