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As functionality in client and server systems has increased, complexity has stepped up too. Both desktop and server deployment can be time-consuming when performed manually. The number and variety of security threats too are increasing every year and timely application of security updates is of primary importance. Meeting regulatory compliance adds an additional burden on IT to demonstrate that system configurations meet regulatory requirements. All these problems have a common solution, and that's automation. Automation is the best measure to ensure that IT is meeting the expectations in these areas at the desired level of accuracy and efficiency.

Here's where ADTech comes to the rescue. With our automation services you can standardize processes, weed out errors and minimize risks. Irrespective of the scale of your business you can garner increased profitability and operational productivity with our IT automation. Our years of experience and hands-on-expertise give us the edge in formulating, developing and implementing a sound long term IT automation strategy for your enterprise. Our comprehensive and integrated solutions are easy to build, nimble to change and flexible to scale, as your business matures. We provide the tools, technology and resources that ensure a hassle-free and swift IT automation.

ADTech's state-of-the-art automation suite of products is designed to comply with the security requirements of any enterprise system.

Our suite includes:

Infrabus Shield - Infrabus Shield is designed to solve the complex problems of Database Access control. Access control is a major focus area of the auditors.It has always been a big challenge for the enterprise to have a tight control on the privacy and security of the enterprise data, with Infrabus shield you can very easily set-up appropriate authorizations.
Infrabus Radar - Infrabus Radar is designed to alert DBAs when key performance indicators move outside a certain range.With our sophisticated alerting mechanisms enterprises can react faster ensuring always-available- systems.
Infrabus Drone - Infrabus Drone is designed to automate the process of apps environment provisioning including cloning, and refresh.This helps in improving the productivity of your application infrastructure management team by leaps and bounds.

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